How much better are the Cavs with Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut

Williams and Bogut, welcome to the Cavs

Lebron James is about the get the help he so desperately wanted. The Cavs added Deron Williams on Monday and are expected to sign Andrew Bogut after he clears waivers on Wednesday.

Deron Williams spent the last two seasons with the Dallas Mavericks, serving as their starting point guard. He averaged 13.6 points and 6.35 assists in 105 games with the Mavs. The recent signing of Yogi Ferrell triggered the decision to waive Williams, as the Mavs try to build around Wesley Matthews and Harrison Barnes.

Andrew Bogut arrived to the Dallas Mavericks on a trade made by the Warriors in the off-season. The trade freed up the necessary salary cap space for Kevin Durant’s signing. Dallas was not impressed with Bogut when it decided to package him in a trade to acquire Nerlens Noel before the deadline.

The Cavaliers get an experienced point guard in Deron Williams to back up Kyrie Irving and run the second unit. Williams is going to need sometime to adjust to the new system, 20 plus games should be enough. Andrew Bogut is a good rim protector and defender, even though his offensive game is limited.

How much better are the Cavs

The Cavaliers are going to be a better team once all the pieces come together. JR Smith should come back from injury within the next two weeks, it is a shame that Kevin Love went down. He is expected to return for the playoffs. Is it enough to defeat the Golden State Warriors and repeat as NBA champions? We have to wait to find out, it is too soon to tell.

The Golden State Warriors just lost Kevin Durant for the rest of the regular season. He left the game against the Wizards on Tuesday with a knee injury. Durant should be back for the playoffs, according to the Golden State Warriors. If Durant is not 100% in the playoffs, the Cavaliers would have an advantage if they meet in the finals.